I’ve been taking pictures as a hobby for over two decades. I learned on a Nikon D40, but I shoot on my smartphone these days. I enjoy capturing landscapes and the world around me, showcasing natural beauty through digital photography. Below is a selection of my photographs that I have hung up around my home.

Mist in the mountains of the Eglinton Valley in New Zealand
The underside of three bridges in Adelaide, Australia
A rail car outside Adelaide, Australia
The Opera House in Sydney, Australia
Channels carved into a rock by erosion in the Blue Mountains, Australia
Architectural details of Matsumoto castle, Japan
An iron banded gate of the Matsumoto castle, Japan
A cobble-stone paved portion of the Nakasendō trail in Japan
Wooden steps along the Nakasendō trail in Japan
A view of a pagoda through green tree branches in Kyoto, Japan
The main street of a post-town along the Nakasendō trail in Japan
A bamboo forest in Kyoto, Japan
A flowering cherry blossom tree at dusk in Kanazawa, Japan
Green grape vines in Rutherford, California
A view from a bridge above a river flowing into the ocean in Maine
A bleached, dead pine tree along a trail in California
Sunset over the pacific ocean in Sea Ranch, California
A world-war-two-era building in the Presidio, San Francisco, California
A sunset seen through Coastal Cypress trees in San Francisco, California
St. Ignatius Church at sunset in San Francisco, California
Mountains silhouetted at dusk in Ojai, California